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Ten Mile Lake Association

"Beneath the Surface"


Written by the chairman of our Environment and Ecology Committee Bruce Carlson, and published by the Minnesota Historical Society, c/o Chicago Distribution Center, 11030 South Langley Ave, Chicago, IL 60628-3830. Phone 800-621-2736; Fax 800-621-8476. Their code for “Beneath the Surface” is 578-1. The price is $27.95.

Al Griggs writes: “It comes close to being required reading for Ten Milers. I have read excerpts from the book and found them to be extremely interesting and informative, not just about fish and fishing (I would describe Bruce as being the Ten Mile Fishing Guru; he seems to be able to catch walleyes when no one else can! He also writes articles for “InFisherman” upon occasion.) but including ichthyology, limnology, lake biology and ecology, and you name it. It is packed full of information which is presented with historical and ecological perspectives. It is further enhanced with numerous illustrations which were done by his cousin, Bruce Granquist, a resident of the island of Bali.”

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